Erasing Hard Drive

How to Erase Computer HDD?

Computer hard drive is the safe and secure place to store all your important and confidential files. However, sometimes this trustworthy storage drive turns into your enemy. Especially when you want to erase your important data like account related information. Most often you need to erase data when you are selling the computer. However, if you delete files by using shift delete keys combination, the files still resides at the same storage location. To wipe out the hard drive completely, you need to use good file shredder software. When it comes to erasing PC hard drive data, Erasing hard drive is the most trusted tool available in the world which can easily erase all types of files from your computer hard drive.

Erasing PC hard drive is not a big task. Just right click on file and select delete option, then the file can be deleted instantly. However, deleting files by using delete option or shift delete keys or command prompt can not permanently wipe PC hard disk. It will be an incorrect notion if you think so. When a file gets deleted from hard drive, the index pointer pointing storage location of file has been deleted. However, the file remains at the same place and it will be invisible. In certain situations where you want to delete all your confidential files permanently then you need to use good software. Erasing Hard Drive is one such strong and trustworthy software which helps you to permanently erase photos from hard drive of Windows 8 and all other Windows based computers.

The severe crisis arises, when you are disposing or selling off your computer hard drive. It is always important to wipe out from your hard disk, before you plan to dispose or sell it. This precaution is indispensable, since your data stored in your hard drive is at high threat of being misused. Even if you format or reformat your PC hard drive before disposing or selling, the sensitive data consisting of important files and folders still resides on it, and can be easily restored back using various recovery tools. All your confidential files including music, downloaded files, emails, and photos – all information can be easily retrieved. Therefore, this application will be very helpful for erasing PC hard drive easily.

In order to erase hard drive beyond recovery, you have to make use of powerful tools. In erasing PC hard drive, it is an effective software which permanently erases all types of sensitive data from both physical and the logical hard drive partitions. In addition to files, this tool can also erase pictures from hard disk, USB drive, flash drive, external hard disk etc. This tool is developed with inbuilt scheduler that helps the user to schedule the shredding time to erase data. Moreover, it supports shredding of data from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 file systems of Windows based computers. Furthermore, one can also make use of this efficient tool to erase Western Digital drive and all other brands of hard drives which are available in the market.

Follow these steps for erasing PC hard drive

Step 1: Download this software and install it on your computer. You need to run the installed software and select the hard drive from where you want to erase data as shown in below figure a.

Erasing PC Hard Drive - Select Hard Disk

Figure a: Select Hard Disk

Step 2: You need to select the shredding pattern and click on "Proceed" option as shown in figure b.

Erase PC Hard Drive - Select Shredding Pattern

Figure b: Select Shredding Pattern