Erasing Hard Drive

Tool to Erase Photos from Hard Disk

Pictures are the best things to recall your unforgettable moments of life. Most of the people stores pictures on hard drive as they consider hard drive as safe and secure place. However, there are times when you want to dispose or sell the computer and don’t want any other user misuse your personal photos, so you want to delete all personal photos from hard drive. However, many of the users believe that by deleting photos using shift delete or by emptying Recycle Bin, all photos will go away permanently. It will be absolutely wrong obsession if you think so. Then you might be thinking how to delete photos permanently from hard drive? Hold on!! Don’t get fretted away of your personal photos are being misused. You can easily shred pictures from hard disk. Erasing Hard Drive is the finest tool in the world, when it comes to erasing pictures from hard drive of your computer.

Loss of photos strikes most of the people as a bizarre. But the truth remains that no loss of photos can be eternal. To intricate this, let’s consider a possibility. When a picture is deleted from hard drive of your computer, it is not at all everlastingly removed. The pictures stored on computer hard drive occupy a specific location. After erasing pictures from hard drive, the file system of computer hard drive marks the space as freely available to be overwritten by a new pictures or any files. Since the computer hard drive only deletes the index of a picture and the sequence of bytes on deleted picture remains intact. In certain circumstances, if you are selling or disposing computer and you want to erase all data present on it, then here is the best viable solution for erasing pictures from hard drive. Erasing Hard Drive is one such trustworthy tool which helps you to erase PC hard disk at one go. Moreover, it can wipe Western Digital hard drive permanently and also deletes data from all other brands of hard drives.

Erasing Hard Drive tool is a powerful application which is capable of erasing pictures from hard drive, making it highly impossible to restore them back. It can also wipe hard drive permanently so that anyone cannot access or restore data from it. It comes with a hierarchical explorer view which helps you to select the pictures which you would like to delete permanently. This data shredding software developed with nine different shredding methods of erasing pictures from hard drive. This tool can also be used to erase files from storage drives like external hard drives, USB drives flash drives, FireWire drives etc. This tool comes up with customized inbuilt scheduler, which helps you to schedule data shredding time or event. Moreover, it can delete hard drive partition in Windows 8, Windows 7 and all other versions of Windows compatible computers. Besides pictures, you can shred various file types such as digital RAW photos, documents, videos, movies, music files, compressed files etc. In case if you would like to know about how to erase data on Windows 8, you can visit

Simple steps to erase hard drive

Step 1: Download Erasing Hard Drive software on your system and install it then run the software to select the drive from where you want to erase files as shown in figure 1.

Erasing Pictures from Hard Drive - Select Drive

Figure 1: Select Drive

Step 2: Select the shredding pattern and click on "Proceed" option to start data shredding process as shown in below figure.

Erase Photos from HDD - Select Erasing Pattern

Figure 2: Select Erasing Pattern

Step 3: You can see the drive erasing progress as shown in below figure.

Permanently Erase HDD Pictures - Erasing Progress

Figure 3: Erasing Progress