Erasing Hard Drive

Simple Tool to Erase Western Digital Hard Drive

When people want to give away or sell their used Western Digital hard disk, they usually take great care to erase the complete data properly. Because they do not want the new users to access confidential files stored on Western Digital hard drive. However, a slight problem can arise on how people erase their hard drive data. Because some of the users would just delete or erase data and empty Recycle Bin folder. In such situations, most of the users think that, since Recycle Bin is empty, it would not be possible to restore deleted files anymore. This is actually a big erroneous belief!!! As any recovery tool can restore all data back. To erase Western Digital hard drive, you need to use good hard drive shredder software. Erasing Hard Drive is one of the best software available in the market, when it comes to erase all types of files from Western Digital hard drive.

If you have simply formatted or reformatted your it to erase Western Digital hard drive then you’re absolutely erroneous. Formatting process is just carried out in order to make the storage drive ready to be used once again. Deleting files using shift delete keys can’t delete them away from Western Digital hard drive lastingly. All these data erasing processes just make the files inaccessible to you but they are still present on hard drive. They can be easily restored and accessed back by anyone using data recovery tools until and unless they are overwritten with new files.

Once the files have been overwritten, they can’t be restored back by any file recovery tool. This concept has been used by Erasing Hard Drive tool to permanently delete pc hard drive files beyond their recovery. WD HDD data shredder erases all hard drive files forever by suspiciously overwriting all the sensitive contents of the WD hard drive files with some garbage value for at least 3 times so that they can’t be restored  ever by any file restoration software. The Erasing Hard Drive software has been designed and developed by the group of experts to erase Western Digital hard drive as well as all ther types of hard disk.

Besides Western Digital hard drive, it can permanently deleted files from various storage drives like pen drives, USB drives, external hard drives, FireWire drives, flash drives, memory sticks etc, which can be accessed through a Windows computer. One can use this software as Windows 8 hard drive eraser and also permanently deletes data from Windows 7 and all other versions of Windows operating systems. It supports 9 different patterns like Fast Zero Overwrite, Random Overwrite, German-VSITR, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO Standard etc. Moreover, it can permanently delete photos from hard drive and also erases various types of files like documents, videos, spreadsheets, ZIP archives etc. Moreover, it is built with a scheduler which helps the user to schedule the shredding time and event. In cse if you want to know more about how to delete data permanently then you can click here

Simple steps to erase Western Digital hard drive

Step 1: You need to download Erasing Hard Drive tool and install on your computer then run the software and select logical drive as shown in below figure I.

Erase Western Digital Hard Drive - Select Hard Drive

Figure I: Select Hard Drive

Step 2: Select any appropriate shredding pattern and click on "Proceed" option as shown in figure II.

Western Digital Drive Erase Tool - Select Shredding Pattern

Figure II: Select Shredding Pattern

Step 3: Yoy can see the drive wiping progress as shown in below figure III.

Completely Erase WD Drive - Wiping Progress

Figure III: Wiping Progress