Erasing Hard Drive

Best Tool to Erase Hard Drive on Windows 8

If you don’t want to reveal your confidential files to others, which are stored on hard drive of Windows 8 computer, then how will you permanently delete all data from Windows 8 HDD? A regular user never allows other users to see his important files. The situation goes more serious when the hard drive contains important information about your business and you don’t want anyone to access them. If you come across such situation, you need to use good file shredder software. Though there are plenty of PC hard disk eraser tools available, Erasing Hard Drive is the most effective software which helps you to erase hard drive on Windows 8 and all other versions of Windows based computers.

Most of the Windows users think for a better way to erase sensitive data from hard drive. Tough Shift Delete or Emptying Recycle Bin options deletes files from Windows. But do you think the files using these options are deleted forever? It’s absolutely wrong if you think so. Then what will you do if you want to erase data from Windows hard drive permanently? There are some situations where you want to sell your hard drive and thinking about how to erase confidential data, then here is the best hard drive data shredder software for you. Erasing Hard Drive is the most trustworthy tool available in the world when it comes to permanently delete computer hard drive.

When a file has been deleted from hard drive, the index pointer pointing the file has been removed. However, the file still remains at the same stored location but it is invisible and inaccessible to user due to absence of index pointer. Recovery tools find such files and restore them back in few minutes. So, in order to erase hard drive on Windows 8, you need to use this efficient software.

No matters how you much data you have stored on hard drive, this tool will do it at one go. In addition to hard drives, you can also erase data from storage drives like external hard disks, FireWire drives, USB drives, flash drives, iPods, memory cards and many more, which can be accessed through Windows computers. This file shredder tool uses nine different sanitization methods which are reviewed and appreciated by Department of Defense, US Navy and other Govt Agencies. It can easily erase the sensitive and confidential data from logical as well as physical drives of FAT16, FAT32, NTTFS, NTFS5 file systems. Moreover, it can erase images from hard disk and also permanently deletes various types of file formats which support Windows OS. It effectively shred previously deleted files which stored on hard drive by using “wipe free disk space” option. Moreover, one can also shred Western Digital hard drive and also supports data shredding on all other brands of hard disks which are available in the market. If you want to know additional information about how to erase pictures then you can click on

Simple steps to erase hard drive on Windows 8

Step 1: First, download Erasing Hard Drive tool and install it on your computer and then select the logical drive as shown in figure A.

Erase Hard Drive on Windows 8 - Select Hard Drive

Figure A: Select Hard Drive

Step 2: Choose the shredding pattern which you want to apply and click on "Proceed" option to initiate data shredding procedure as shown in figure B.

Erase Hard Drive on Windows 8 - Choose Shredding Pattern

Figure B: Choose Shredding Pattern